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Curling 6 Stations 900mm

Curling 6 Stations 900mm

Year of manufacture: 2009
Manufacturer: SR-Schindler Maschinen-Anlagentechnik GmbH
Price: negotiable
Type: Brushing machine
Model: CRL-800
Location: Germany


Machine is still working in Germany until December 2023 and is in a very good condition. Has been well maintained.

Working width: approx. 900mm
Brushing Stations: 6 brushing stations

2 tunnel segment with three curling supports each
Electromotive height adjustment.
The brushing rollers are positioned at an angle, to treat the stone from multiple angles (non-oscillating).

Ampere regulation for height adjustment
The height of the supports is determined by the current power consumption.
In this way, a possible even pressure of the brushes is achieved.

Excavation system
In case of stop of belt, the curling brushes lift and stop treating the paving stones, which reduces overpolishing, streaks and rejects.

Conveyor in stable flat bed design – 6 stations
Horizontally mounted conveying level in a stable flat bed design,
with frequency-controlled belt drive. conveyor belt
multi-layer with wear-free coating, stretch-free through
driven by rubberized and diamond-patterned drums. speed
adjustable so that different curling effects can be achieved

Blow-off device at the outlet tunnel for removing the concrete dust

Excluding electrical and mechanical safety.

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